Our Work with Olympus


MILL5 Makes Over 3,000 Operating Rooms “AI-Smart” While Software Lives at the Edge

Learn how MILL5 revolutionized Olympus Corporation’s smart operating room video technology by integrating Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning into their suite of IoT applications. Our work with Olympus continues today as we support their team with various projects and our MSP services.

Engagement Summary

MILL5 partnered with Olympus Corporation to enhance their current smart operating room video technology, focused on situational awareness. By integrating AI intelligence and ML into Olympus’ suite of IoT software, MILL5 was able to improve operating room turnover time, reduce procedure times, and improve staff organization, while keeping video data securely at the Edge to allow for analysis. Due to the success of our implementation, MILL5 was engaged by Olympus to develop and deliver next-generation solutions across global surgical and non-surgical Olympus offerings. Additionally, MILL5 displaced existing vendors at Olympus to provide dataanalytics, Cloud and AI strategy and solutions, software solution development, M&A analysis, and MSP services for teams across the globe.

"We are depending heavily on the MILL5 team. They are in the trenches doing the technical work to help bring our ideas to fruition."
Pete Renzi
Chief Technology Officer

Challenges Faced by Olympus

  • Lack of AI and ML Capabilities in Smart Operating Room.
  • Video Information Primarily Stored on Premises.
  • Network of Devices with Outdated Software.
  • Limited Visualization of Analytics from AI and ML Software.

Results That Speak Volumes

  • Developed AI models in Azure and deployed quantized models to run at the Edge.
  • Ensured compliance and security via Edge platform, allowing for critical information to remain on-premise.
  • Consolidated on-premises footprint and reduced operating costs by millions of dollars.
  • Reduced turnover time of operating rooms by 30%.
  • Our implemented ML software allowed for: increasing the cost-efficiency of running surgical rooms, anticipating procedure times, identifying patient in-and-out events, notifying teams when operating rooms are available, reducing the time associated with cleaning, restocking, and preparing operating rooms, and improving staff satisfaction.
  • Delivered operational and analytics dashboard, integrated with Olympus’ suite of smart-OR products.

About Olympus

Olympus Corporation is a manufacturer of medical equipment and technologies, particularly optics and reprography projects. Ranked amongst the Global 2000, with a market value of $25B, they are focused on enabling their customers to improve clinical outcomes, reduce overall costs and enhance the quality of life for patients around the world. To learn more about Olympus, visit www.olympus-global.com.

Industry: Medical Equipment Manufacturing
Size: $25 Billion in Revenue; 35,000+ Employees
Location: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

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