Internet of Things

Driving IoT Solutions from Edge Computing to Cloud Computing

The Internet of Thing (IoT) opens up new avenues for business while creating opportunities for innovation. At MILL5, we bring together software development, data science, and hardware engineering to create unique and innovative solutions. We work collaboratively with our customers to build short- and long-term strategies that leverage the power of IoT. Our experience with IoT stretches across many industries including Oil & Gas, Utilities and Energy, Healthcare/Medical, Retail, Manufacturing, Logistics, Building Management, and Security. Without a doubt, we can help you on your IoT journey.

Our experience includes green field solutions working with customers to drive innovative user experiences and brand-new revenue opportunities. This includes building SaaS software to connect to both new and existing devices. Our expertise includes building cloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions.

MILL5 leverages modern devices (ex. Arduino Pro, Jetson Nano, Meadow) to drive new capabilities. Some examples include wildfire detection, traffic management, pandemic response and control systems, advanced detection of equipment failure, and real-time detection of safety issues.

We also have the technical expertise to understand legacy systems to enhance them with modern real-time, secure, and connected capabilities. There have been many times when organizations cannot leave existing systems behind and require significant application updates and modernization.

Let MILL5 work with you to solve the challenges impacting your business. 

Connect existing devices to today's modern cloud in a secure manner
Innovate with edge processing leveraging artificial intelligence
Move to the edge to capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it sooner
Enable communication with secure and trusted devices
Manage hundreds, thousands, and tens of thousands of devices with ease
Create and manufacture custom devices that meet your needs
Leverage hybrid and multi-cloud capabilities
IoT Assessment, Planning, and Strategy
AI and Machine Learning
Device Management
Envisioning and Proof of Concepts
Event-Based Processing
Field Enablement
Intelligent Edge
Security and Privacy
IoT Strategy
AI & Machine Learning
Envisioning & Proof of Concepts
Device Management
Security & Privacy
Intelligent Edge
Event Based Processing
Field Enablement

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