Our Work with JingleRing


MILL5 Saves Christmas for JingleRing and Its Customers

Would Christmas be canceled? MILL5 was able to deliver when the happiest time of the year was on the line, by customizing JingleRing’s platform for a better user experience and connecting families around the world.

Million Online Visits with Santa
Weeks for Full Delivery
Custom Virtual Platform

Engagement Summary

JingleRing had a brilliant idea in 2020 with their offering of an online visit with Santa. However, they were struggling to make it work. That’s when MILL5 stepped in to save Christmas. MILL5 worked with JingleRing to transition their virtual platform from an antiquated system to a new, custom-built software hosted on the cloud. Our software allowed JingleRing to offer a truly unique service to its customers during one of the happiest time of the year. By achieving such great success during the holiday season, JingleRing was able to expand its virtual offerings into other holidays and additional once in a lifetime experiences.

A Frustrating Pivot to a Virtual Platform

JingleRing sprung out of the largest mall Santa company in America. This virtual experience utilized mall Santas who were out of work due to COVID. Unfortunately, the vendor that JingleRing initially commissioned for the design and implementation of the virtual platform could not deliver, so MILL5 stepped in.

“That vendor really left JingleRing holding the bag with just 10 weeks to spare until Christmas,” says Richard Crane, Founder and Chief Technology Officer at MILL5.

With extensive knowledge of Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive functionalities, MILL5 created a custom-built software hosted on Microsoft Azure. “MILL5’s deployment was global and took advantage of high availability and redundancy features that Azure has to offer,” says Crane.

Challenges Faced by JingleRing

  • Current virtual platform could not host large groups of users, nor provide personalized experiences.
  • Operating system needed to be rebuilt on a cloud application that could handle scalability, performance, and functionality.
  • Platform required global access for users located around the world.
  • Easy-to-use platform for users of all technology knowledge levels allowing seamless communication.
  • Migration to alternative cloud-based solution in under 10 weeks.
  • Lack of ability to introduce new holiday characters for new user experiences.

Results That Speak Volumes

  • Delivered a fully custom software application before holiday season.
  • Deployed for high user frequency across the globe.
  • Transferred application to the cloud, hosted on Microsoft Azure using: App Services, Azure Cache Redis, Azure SQL Database, Azure Storage.
  • Scalable platform allowed JingleRing to expand into other holidays and unique character meeting experiences.

About JingleRing

JingleRing is the world’s first fully-integrated virtual experience platform, offering live online visits with a variety of holiday characters including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Easter Bunny, notable actors and actresses, and more! JingleRing offers this unique experience to connect families and loved ones around the world. To learn more about JingleRing, visit www.jinglering.com.

Industry: Consumer Entertainment

Location: Alpharetta, GA, United States

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