Client Success Story: Macroeconomics Hedge Fund


MILL5 Delivers Custom Derivatives Trading Platform to Leading Macroeconomics Hedge Fund

MILL5 crafted a bespoke trading platform for a hedge fund by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a deep understanding of financial markets. Our team developed advanced algorithms for real-time market analysis, providing our client with a competitive edge in decision-making. The custom platform designed by MILL5 not only optimized trading strategies but also enhanced overall operational efficiency and risk management. Additionally, the trading platform seamlessly integrated into the Bloomberg terminal.

Engagement Summary

MILL5 was engaged by a newly established, Boston-based Hedge Fund to lead the design, development, and implementation of its derivatives trading platform. In addition, our custom portfolio dashboard was used to successfully track the fund’s performance and provide forecasting scenarios to its team of traders and analysts. Post-implementation of the trading platform and dashboard, MILL5 partnered with the firm’s Compliance team to develop a reporting system, allowing the team to monitor the fund’s performance and related trading activities.

Challenges Faced by Our Client

Lack of Derivatives Trading Platform

Limited Systems to Track Fund's Performance

Ability to Monitor Related Risk and Exposure

Highly Regulated by Compliance

Results That Speak Volumes

  • Built a custom derivatives trading system on Windows using the Bloomberg Terminal platform.
  • Implemented a performance dashboard to assist traders with tracking fund performance and forecast trading scenarios such as yield curves, bond curves, and money market curves.
  • Developed a daily compliance reporting system that provided oversight of all transactions and monitoring of the fund’s value at risk (VAR) equaling $750 million.
  • Our custom trading, performance, and compliance systems allowed our Client to connect work from their quantitative analysts to various trading strategies while providing high-level visualizations of their derivative instruments.

About Our Client

An alternative asset management company based in Boston, MA, operating two macroeconomic funds, with approximately $280 million in assets under management (AUM).

Industry: Financial Services
Size: $280 Million in Assets Under Management 
Location: Boston, MA, United States

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