Our Work with Alyce


MILL5 Reduces Alyce's Operational Gifting Costs by 50%

Discover how MILL5 helped Alyce, an AI business gifting company, overcome their pressing issues and achieve impressive results. This case study showcases the benefits of MILL5’s expert software consulting services and performance engineering for fast-growing businesses.

Engagement Summary

MILL5 supported AI business gifting company, Alyce, in providing various business and software consulting services. As Alyce’s business quickly grew, they required assistance with raising Series B funding, reducing gifting costs, and enhancing their technology operations. Serving as interim Chief Technology Officer and later deploying two software development teams, MILL5 was able to successfully achieve funding, implement custom automated software to improve the speed of gifting delivery and associate costs, and negotiate a substantial reduction in cloud expenses, while improving current cloud support.

Percent Reduction in Operational Costs
Percent Reduction in Cloud Costs
Day Reduction in Gift Delivery

Challenges Faced by Alyce

  • Raising Series B Funding
  • A Gap in Technology Leadership
  • Rising Cloud Costs and Lack of Support from Current Cloud Partner
  • Increasing Operating Costs Surrounding Giving and Delivery

Results That Speak Volumes

  • Served as interim Chief Technology Officer, in addition to leading the search and hire of new CTO.
  • Assisted with obtaining a round of Series B funding, bringing business growth to the next level.
  • Migrated cloud operations to a new provider, resulting in a 20% reduction in cloud costs.
  • Negotiated a long-term, comprehensive support contract with new cloud provider.
  • Provided two development teams who transformed gifting operations from manual to automated processes.
  • Our deployed custom, automated processing software reduced the delivery time for gifts by 2-3 days and cut operational costs by 50%.

About Alyce

Alyce is an AI-powered business-to-business gifting company, offering personalized direct mail, swag, and gifts through their account-based marketing software platform. To learn more about Alyce, visit: www.alyce.com.

Industry: Software Development; Distribution
Size: $35 Million; 100 Employees
Location: Boston, MA, United States

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