Retail and Consumer Goods

Enhancing Consumer Engagement

MILL5 specializes in developing unique user experiences that capture the attention of consumers. When shopping online, the end-user is looking for ease of use to make their purchase. When websites or mobile applications are not optimized, consumers will quickly abandon their purchase and could become disloyal to your brand. The MILL5 team can ensure your online application is not only functional, user-friendly, and unique to your brand, but is developed with advanced back-end functionalities that will scale and grow with your business.

“The software applications MILL5 develop provides functional and unique consumer experiences, increasing purchases and brand loyalty.” – Richard Crane, Founder & CTO of MILL5

When companies do not follow proper software development practices, their sales, operations, and customers suffer. At MILL5, we have many years of experience building high-value applications that consumers use daily. Knowing this, we understand that optimal software retires much more than writing sufficient code. All software applications we develop are tested using quality assurance best practices, along with unit, functional, and performance testing. Our end-to-end process ensures the software applications we build are able to function in real world situations.

The team at MILL5 is prepared to:

Design consumer applications for online and mobile
Develop virtual and augmented reality solutions
Leverage the Cloud to scale with your growing business and meet peak demand
Deliver video processing and analytics of retail enviornments
Integrate mobile payment options
Leverage near field communication
Implement ChatBot and AI solutions
Provide fraud detection and security analysis
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Consultio comes with a beautiful collection of modern, easily importable, and highly customizable demo layouts. Any of which can be installed via one click.

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