Financial Services

Driving Innovation

MILL5 was founded by world class technology experts with over 60 years of experience in Financial Services from companies such as Fidelity, State Street, Wellington Management, Bank of New York, Convergex, and GMO.

Our combined experience has led us to develop some of the most innovative financial systems on the planet. Our customers have won awards for the products we have developed. These products use the latest in technology such as AI & Machine Learning, Cloud, High Performance Computing, Neural Networks, and Natural Language Processing.

Our team’s success includes customers from Wall Street to Main Street and can help you think through and productionize the best strategies. MILL5 can help you solve key challenges such as:
Retail and Algorithmic Trading
Online Trading Platforms
Portfolio Management
Transaction Cost Analysis
Banking & Consumer
Buy and Sell Side
Loan Risk Analysis
Fraud Detection (credit cards, payments, etc.)
Automatic Sentiment Analysis
Time Series Analysis
Know Your Customer
Integration with vendor products such as MATLAB, Risk Metrics, Bloomberg, Reuters, kdb
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We're proud to work with

MILL5 is an Expert Microsoft Partner, so expert that we even help Microsoft develop Azure
Developing trading solutions for both institutional and individual investors
Improving healthcare with artfiicial intelligence, cloud computing, and edge computing
Creating software for advanced fire detection using advanced video processing
Creating innovate SaaS solutions in Azure to manage IoT/IIoT devices on a global scale
Providing FinTech companies with innovative software development
Creating smart and connected software solutions using Azure and IoT
Developing intelligence outage software using Microsoft Azure and artificial intelligence
Transforming software development to container-based applications with Kubernetes and Azure DevOps
Developing advanced asset management solutions using Bloomberg, MATLAB, and FinCAD.
Proving experts and thought leaders in cloud software development, quantitative algorithms, and SaaS development for their most difficult projects.
Developing SaaS and Identity Management solutions for the leader in cloud computing in healthcare
Software development for collaboration solutions using Microsoft Teams, Slack, WebRTC, Zoom, Vonage, Azure Communication Services
Helping the leading stock market scale with innovative software solutions
MILL5 provides Microsoft experts to create the most innovative solutions in the world
Create innovative software for portfolio management using .NET and MATLAB
Developing innovative gaming solutions using artificial intelligence and video processing
Developing cross platform telehealth and telepresence solutions using Visual Studio and Azure
Developing real-time trading systems for sell-side firms
Scaling SQL Server to the most extreme levels be it on-premise, cloud, or hybrid
Advancing healthcare with identity solutions and artificial intelligence (AI) software development
Developing artificial intelligence solutions for battery management
Leveraging the power of high performance computing and cloud for private client investment
Connecting consumers and smart meters with software to change demand response behavior
Developing SaaS applications for commercial freight and shipping using Azure

We're proud to partner with