Driving Growth

MILL5 brings powerful capabilities and tools to accelerate the Transportation industry, allowing for efficiencies across vehicles, infrastructure, mobile phones, and connected devices. We leverage technology to solve major transportation issues, while maximizing safety, mobility, and environmental performance.

We develop a project wide plan which includes testing and implementation. We work in close collaboration with your team to identify and mitigate integration and interface issues that always arise. Our focus is on results and delivering a compelling solutions that meets the needs of your business.

MILL5’s custom software development culture combines the entrepreneurial feel of a start-up company with the confidence and stability of a successful professional services firm. At MILL5 we can help you solve key challenges and deliver innovation to your business.

Here are some of the key challenges that MILL5 can help you solve.
Innovative GIS/GPS solutions
Accelerate supply chain performance
Real-time tracking capabilities
Streamline and automate transactions
Enhanced IoT devices with RFID and NFC capabilities
Improve system agility and responsiveness
Enhanced insight using AI & Machine Learning
Shipping and logistics solutions
Vision processing for traffic analysis
Transportation of high value commodities (i.e. oil and gas)
Multiple forms of transportation include air, truck, ship, and rail
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