Leading with IoT

MILL5 has several decades of experience working with companies building next-generation Internet of Things (IoT) and device management solutions for the manufacturing industry.

We are the trusted advisors to several multi-billion dollar companies who use MILL5 to lead their next generation platform efforts. These efforts involve the latest in technologies such as IoT and AI & Machine Learning. Many of the strategies that we work on involve the development of next generation product offerings such as SaaS-based cloud offerings for their end customers.

Our team’s success includes developing world-class fleet management systems that connect devices from across the globe. This allows our customers to monitor, secure, and maintain devices from anywhere in the world. They are then able to collect and use information to improve manufacturing processes by reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and improving safety.

Here are some of the key challenges that MILL5 can help you solve.
Create new global cloud-based SaaS offerings
Enhance existing SCADA systems with hybrid technology
Video processing and analytics
Incorporate modern devices such as Azure Sphere and Jetson Nano
Secure legacy devices using companion devices and gateways
Support for industry standard protocols (ex. MQTT, HTTP/2, CoAP, XMPP, AQMP)
Support for third-party vendor protocols (ex. ROC, HART)
Edge Computing using Azure Stack Edge, Intel FPGA, NVidia GPU
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