Leading with AI & ML

MILL5 has worked with some of the most prominent healthcare providers and hospitals in the world. Our capabilities have allowed teams of healthcare professionals around the world improve situational awareness in the operating room, resulting in optimal patient care.

We bring the latest in technology, such as AI & Machine Learning and IoT, to improve efficiency and quality care, speed time to diagnosis, improve patient outcome and quality of life.

Here is an inspiring example of how MILL5 is working with Olympus Medical to harness the power of data, AI, and the cloud to change the world.

Undeniably, a driving force behind quality healthcare is the adoption of technology. It is important to utilize a partner that has experience and success in innovating and building solutions that benefit patients and providers. MILL5 can help you solve key challenges such as:
Biometric Telemetry
Video Processing and Analytics
Medical IoT
Edge Computing using Azure Stack Edge, Intel FPGA, NVidia GPU and Jetson Nano
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