Expediting AI Innovation in Healthcare with Azure Stack Edge

Here’s an inspiring example of how Microsoft Partners are harnessing the power of data, AI, and the cloud to change the world. We just shared this short video (below) for the first time at Microsoft Inspire 2019. The story highlights how Microsoft Gold Partner MILL5 is working with Olympus Medical to create artificial intelligence (AI) models on Azure Stack Edge that follow activity in the OR in real-time from video, audio, and equipment interactions to help improve a surgical team’s productivity. Check out how they are coming together to build this powerful solution.

Boston-based MILL5 helps clients transform their businesses, and has deep expertise in data, AI, and machine learning. The company is working closely with Olympus Medical, part of Olympus, a leading manufacturer of optical and digital precision technology, to use data and AI to take situational awareness in the operating room to a new level. Using Azure Stack Edge, the companies are developing tools that leverage existing cameras in the operating room to analyze video in real-time using AI, providing clinicians with more data so they can focus on what they do best – helping their patients heal.

“We’ve developed a platform that makes it super easy to be able to bring in a device, connect it to our platform, and display that video from that device onto a shared monitor in the operating room … it allows the operating team to spend more time focused on working on the patient. With our technology, the clinicians don’t have to adapt to the platform. It adapts to them,” says Eddie Mitchell, Head of Customer Solutions Development at Olympus Medical.

About Azure Stack Edge

Azure Stack Edge is an AI-enabled Edge computing appliance. It runs on-premises and processes data locally before uploading to the cloud. Azure Stack Edge is a powerful platform for data processing and analytics, helping organizations unlock value from their on-premises data and build hybrid solutions that span the edge and the cloud.

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