Black Lives Matter

We support the Black Lives Movement and stand with those that have been the victim of violence and racism. We have thought long and hard about the issues. What we have determined is silence and inaction are the worst things any of us can do right now.

Real reform cannot be achieved without a sustained voice that is not just spoken but heard. We speak for those that are not given a voice and recognize that words are not enough. There must be action.

As human beings, we cannot sit idly by while other human beings are in trouble. Everyone at MILL5 pledges to be a voice in support of the Black Lives Movement and to take action so that real reform can be made.

We would like to express our sorrow regarding the death of George Floyd. Our hearts go out to his family and friends. We welcome peaceful protests that focus on the issues and denounce any violence or criminal activity.

We ask the Police to remember that you are there “To Protect and Serve”. Your oath applies to all people, no matter their race, ethnicity, or color. We also recognize that your jobs are difficult and you are often put in harm’s way. We ask that you support a policy of de-escalation whenever possible and remember that you are there for all of us including black lives.

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