Introducing Redactify

Your PHI Redaction Solution

The Problem

With the increasing adoption of health information technology, data is being transmitted and stored across various systems and formats to support a range of use cases, including effectiveness studies, insurance, research, and the development of AI assistants. However, in accordance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule, protected health information (PHI) must be appropriately safeguarded when shared between systems or associates, regardless of the medium or format in which it is stored or transmitted. Typically, healthcare entities are required to de-identify PHI prior to sharing it with other covered entities or associates. However, current solutions for de-identification often require expensive hardware or cloud-connected workflows, making them inaccessible for many organizations. 

Our Solution

MILL5’s PII-Redaction AI Model, Redactify, implements Standard 164.514 to hide Safe Harbor entities from data, telemetry, images, and scanned documents. Redactify can be run in the cloud or on-premise to mitigate privacy and security concerns.

MILL5’s Redactify can be integrated into your real-time workflows or in batch.

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Benefits for Your Business

  • Safely share redacted PHI artifacts
  • Turnkey solution to integrate into your workflow or batch
  • Geographic privacy rules compliance
  • Cost-effective solution for de-identification
  • Reduces risk of data breaches and protects patient privacy

Features of Redactify

  • PII-Redaction AI Model
  • Cloud or On-Premise Deployment
  • Compliant with 164.514 Standard and GDPR
  • Built for Workflow Integration
  • Batch Reduction Capabilities

About MILL5

MILL5 is a global software consulting and product company composed of world-class business, strategy, and technology professionals. Our team is prepared to deliver excellence and drive results through our Software Consulting, Performance Engineering, and Managed Services offerings. As software experts, we develop, implement, and execute impactful solutions within Cloud, Data and AI, Modern Applications, Productivity, and Security.

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