Introducing FinOwl

Your Financial Data and Reporting Cross-Office Solution

About FinOwl

Designed specifically for the financial services industry and its professionals, FinOwl allows for the transfer and sharing of financial data and reports across your front, middle, and back office-workflows, while remaining SEC and FINRA compliant.

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Bridging the Front and Back Office Data Gap

A large and expensive information gap exists throughout the front, middle and back offices. Trading and market data platforms are expensive, and only partially fill the gaps when implemented company-wide. Enter FinOwl. FinOwl is your single solution across desktop, mobile, and web platforms that works where ever you do. It enables collaboration on trade analytics, decision-making, and reporting, allowing for increased efficiencies, enhanced reporting, and better client service.

SEC and FINRA Compliant

All FinOwl trade data and financial reports are accessed and stored in compliance-approved platforms – Microsoft Teams and Slack. Because of its ease of use, it can provide a centralized location for compliance teams to monitor, and reduces the effort associated with reporting should an audit occur.

Automation and Customization

FinOwl can be customized by adding or modifying metrics, reports, and features that fit the particular needs of your organization. Best of all, trade data alerts can be automated.